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ABS Channel 2.0

ABS Channel 2.0

Introducing Ananta Business Services' cutting-edge software, ALP 2.0, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and elevate your business operations to new heights. At the heart of this innovative offering is the Comprehensive Solutions app, a powerful tool tailored to meet the diverse needs of parent companies, vendors, and vendor executives.

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Vendor Management

ALP 2.0 facilitates seamless vendor management, allowing users to effortlessly add, update, and track vendor information. Detailed profiles for vendors and executives ensure that all relevant data is at your fingertips, enhancing communication and collaboration.


Commission Tracking

Managing vendor commissions is a breeze with the intuitive commission tracking system. It provides real-time insights into earnings, making financial management efficient and transparent. Automated commission calculations reduce errors and save valuable time.


Executive Earnings Management

The software goes beyond vendor commissions, extending its capabilities to manage executive earnings. This feature ensures that all aspects of your business's financial transactions are accounted for and easily accessible.


Dynamic Billing

ALP 2.0 revolutionizes billing with its dynamic billing system. Create customized invoices tailored to the unique needs of each transaction. Automate billing processes to improve accuracy and efficiency, reducing the risk of errors associated with manual invoicing.


Quotation and Receipt Generation

The software simplifies the quotation and receipt generation process, allowing users to create professional and detailed documents with just a few clicks. Streamline communication with clients and vendors through standardized, aesthetically pleasing documents.


Account Management Tools

ALP 2.0 provides robust account management tools, giving users a comprehensive view of their financial landscape. Track expenses, monitor cash flow, and generate financial reports effortlessly, empowering businesses to make informed decisions.


SAAS Model

ALP 2.0 operates on Software as a Service (SAAS) model, offering the flexibility and scalability that modern businesses demand. With a nominal subscription fee of $999 per user per month, businesses of all sizes can access this powerful tool without breaking the bank.


Manage Your Salary

Determine fair and competitive salary structures, adhere to legal requirements, regularly review and adjust salaries, provide transparent communication, and ensure timely and accurate payroll processing to effectively manage salaries.


Manage Your Bills

Track incoming bills, establish a budget, prioritize payments, negotiate terms if necessary, automate payments, and monitor expenses to effectively manage bills.

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